Yardsale Tip of the Day

Publisher's Note: Sorry to all of those who have noticed that the day's tip was not ready in the morning or have had problems connecting to Tip O Da Day over the last couple weeks. Between Blogger and my server we are having some serious reliability issues. Hopefully they will be resolved soon.

Everyone wants to barter and talk you down in price while shopping at your yard sale, and that's alright because you mainly just wanna get rid of crap. But you would like to make some money on the side. So, instead of taking the fifty-cents someone offers you to take the shirt you have marked as a dollar, tell them you'll give them 2 shirt for $1. That way you still get the dollar out of that customer and you are rid of one more shirt you are never going to wear. Yard sales are also sources for lots of random stuff, and you know you're never going to sell it all. To try to get rid of most of it, and sell stuff that is actually in the double digits, make some package deals. Offer a flat rate if they're willing to buy all your CDs, or group all your Christmas stuff together and charge $10, you get the idea.


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