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So to you, you just write email messages all day and probably don't even think twice about them. Why do that, when you can add another detail in your life you can worry about? So if you want way too much information on writing emails, and the thought process that goes into them check out Writing sensible email messages. I guess all technologies mature into an crafted art form, bur seriously this might be overkill. On the other hand I have gotten some work emails that could really befit from these tips. At least it will take you longer writing emails this way which can help prevent you from getting actual work done.

Dogging the article aside it does have some good points, especially about Subject lines, but I do enjoy a good "stand-up act" work email every once in a while.


Kris said…
We use to have a principal at our school who never capitolized anything on his e-mails and never used punctuation. I guess he was afraid that he would get it wrong...not a good idea. For text messages, sure, for e-mails, if they're more than a few words long, go ahead and go for it. If your wrong, at least you tried!
Kris said…
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LDB said…
Good to know...I also think the part about keeping the e-mail body only one page long should also apply to blogs. I usually skim or don't even read blog postings that you have to scroll down to finish.
Anonymous said…
I usually dont mind long emails/blog posts if they are interesting. Frequently, however, that is sadly not the case.

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