S'more Tip of the Day

One of the greatest challenges in going camping is not dodging rain or avoiding rabid bears, it is truly making the perfect S'more. After years of testing and research TodD labs have shown that the real trick is getting the chocolate soft. The first method we tried was putting the chocolate in your dryer but that just left a big mess. We had to continue our research, and found that everything you need it right there under the Hershey's wrapper. Use the foil wrapping to create a little reflector and put that on the ground by the fire (Fig. A). By the time you marshmallow is nicely toasted your chocolate will be nice and soft. Put the graham cracker on top and you've got the perfect S'more.

Figure A: A blurry picture, but is it just so dark out in the middle of nowhere

Editor's Note: We made it entirely through this tip with out making a single bad pun using "S'more" as a play on "some more"


JCo said…
A BIG congrats for no bad puns!
Jay said…
Pete, I concur. For those that haven't tried it, a slightly goopy piece of chocolate makes it SO much better. :-) Now, regarding the puns. Puns are a daily source of joy for...well, at least me... So I say, "bring 'em on." I HEART a good pun.
Jules said…
I am now drooling on my keyboard. Hmm, if only I didn't have the flat-top range, I might be doing some impromptu s'more making in the kitchen tonite.
Pete said…
You could try it, at least the flat-top makes for easy cleanup.

Hum, for some reason I am remembering my hair for about 3 days when I was growing up.

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