Absent Tip of the Day

When both namesakes of a tip of the day blog are leaving town to be in a wedding, they should remind the rest of the blog's writing team to post tips in their absence. ;-)

Bonus Wedding Tip of the Day: Girls, if you're tired of catching the bouquet at weddings (and then consequently not fulfilling the old wives' tale that you'll be the next to marry), don't try NOT to catch it, because it will more than likely bounce off a ceiling and a wall in order to land in your hands. Put a 7-year-old in front of you and pretend like you're trying to catch the bouquet. Generally, the little girl will excitedly grab the flowers, inches from your hands. (p.s.-this tip doesn't work if you're six feet tall, as the rebound catch is inevitable.)


Jay said…
At my sister's wedding, my 7-year-old cousin Laird, the one who always would scream, "I wanna be NAKED™" decided it'd be great to catch the garter belt, which was HILARIOUS because no one else wanted to catch it. What was TRULY hilarious though was when he didn't quite understand that only girls were supposed to catch the bouquet. So, when he DID catch the bouquet, no one quite knew how to react. Except Laird. I've never seen such a perfect picture of elation. :-)
LDB said…
Yeah, there is nothing more humiliating than the whole "time for the bouquet/garter toss." Hopefully that will be a tradition that will fade out soon...and thanks to Katie for taking that out of her wedding!

P.S. Jay, Katie would like to point out that it is a garter and not a garter belt. A garter belt are the clippy things that hold your stockings up...usually seen w/kinky lingerie...
Jules said…
Uh, yeah, that was my fault. On Thursday Peter asked me to take care of this, and with all sincerity and the best of intentions, I agreed. I had a heck of a day on Friday, and along with not being in the habit of the daily post, it just passed by the wayside. I take full responsibility and thank Steph for her pinch-hitting abilities.

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