Packing Tip of the Day

Now we know to not forget our underpants, but how do I remember to remember that and everything else I will need? I have had great luck using lists. Just cross it off when you get it in your bag. This way you won't have that nagging feeling like you're forgetting something as you head out the door. No, if you forget it, you forgot it when you made the list, but you can be confident that you have everything on your list. Ta da, no nagging feeling!


Stephanie said…
I recently adopted the attitude (from one of my traveling friends, can't remember which): Does the place you're going have a Wal-Mart? A drug store? Then you're all set. Buying toiletries and other items in Enlgand or Ireland is even better, because you end up with shampoo bottles with unusual spellings that you can later study in the shower.

Of course when you're headed to a storm-torn area of Louisiana or one that has doubled its population (Baton Rouge), you might want to make sure you have everything. My host in Louisiana said all local stores were out of men's shaving cream, so he was using frou-frou Gilette women's shave gel on his face. :-)
Kris said…
I agree. If there's a Wal-mart near by, or on the're good to go. Just don't forget any of the bigger items such as your running shoes if you're going out of town for a race. Just ask Jen how much stuff didn't make it with me to Pittsburg! I did, however, remember my toothbrush.

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