Fishing Tip of the Day

All fish are not like the little fishys you get at Wal-Mart. Their are not gold fish. Some fish even have teeth. So when are are out on a big lake or ocean fishing be careful. If a fish is flopping around you can pick it up, but before you become a trained expert you should probably not pick up the fish. They will try to bite your fingers off or even if they don't have teeth they might try to stab you with their extra sharp razor fins.


Stephanie said…
Holy cow! I hope there wasn't too much blood loss in this incident of which you speak!
Anonymous said…
the spines are so if some other animal (or bigger fish) tries to swallow them whole, the spines will get stuck in the throat of the larger animal

not really sure how that's an advantageous situation for the little spiny fish, tho...
Anonymous said…
so butterflies are the Caution Tape of the animal world. hm.
Pete said…
Steph pointed out that evidently this is becoming a serious problem:

Airport Inspector Bitten by Piranha
(from Fox News’ “Out There”)

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — A routine check of a shipment at Manila airport turned bloody when a piranha sprung up and bit one of the inspectors.

"I was checking one of the boxes when suddenly, something leaped out of it and bit me," fisheries quarantine inspector Mario Trio told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a report published Tuesday.

The bite left a V-shaped wound on the inspector's finger, and the 34 piranhas in the consignment he was checking — falsely declared as "ornamental fish" from Peru — were confiscated over the weekend, but died two days later, the newspaper reported.

The Filipino consignee faces charges of illegally importing live piranhas, punishable by up to eight years in prison and a fine, quarantine chief Felipe Santamaria said.

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