Auto Tip of the Day

This tip is from Mr. Amerman, Christine's dad, originally...but the "spice" is added by me.

You can greatly prolong the longevity of your car by following this tip. When you start your car up, wait one minute before you put the car in gear and drive off. (Regardless of season). Why is this important? You may already know that when your engine shuts off, the oil that is lubricating the internal parts drains to the oil pan. So, when you start your car, it takes a little time for the oil to recirculate through the engine parts. If you take off immediately, you'll be running an non-lubricated engine! Giving the engine a minute or so will enable the oil to coat the parts and reduce engine wear and tear. Obviously, your engine needs lubricated in the winter and the summer, but in the winter, you may want to wait a bit longer to go, just so your car has a chance to warm up. Here's where it gets fun. Most of your friends will laugh at you if you take a minute to let your car warm up, because we're always in a hurry. But, you can pretend like you're really nervous about the drive. Pretent that you're preparing mentally for the trip. Finely adjust each mirror. Play with the radio volume until you've found that sweet spot. Make sure each turn signal, wiper and horn works. Open and close each door. It's good clean fun, and helps your car too. :-)


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