Gas Tip O Da Day

If you find yourself traveling late at night in a rural area and suddenly the fuel light glaring on the dash board and you think "Hmm, bet nothing is open around here and I am not quite to my destination. What should I do?" Even if the lights are off, and you're in the middle of nowhere, you might think that all hope is lost and you're going to be napping in your car that night. Well, keep in mind that if you have a credit card, you can successfully use the pump even when the gas station is closed assuming the gas station has the pay at the pump capabilities. It is brilliant!

[Thanks to Clucker's for posting signs about this little feature]


LDB said…
That is so good to know! Thanks for the great tip...I try not to let my gas gauge get below 1/4 of a tank when I'm driving at night or on a trip but sometimes you never know...
Kris said…
Yah, Lalah, I'm with you...never go below 1/4. If it's snowing, stay above 1/2, just incase you get stuck in traffic for hours. But yeah, that's a great thing to know. No more worries when you're driving all night!
The Keiser said…
Umm, true, Clucker's is awesome for offering such a feature, but keep in mind: pay at the pump does not always mean that they always work. I've tried fruitlessly before to make the darn pump work at a closed gas station at 6:00 AM. Luckily the attendant came while I was still there, and after a good laugh and telling me something to the effect of, "It has to be turned on," I was able to fill up my tank. But hey, if you're low on gas on a snowy, country road, it never hurts to check.

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