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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Retina Tip of the Day

Looking for a fun slumber party game? Look no further. Once "lights out" has been declared, you can rest assured, the fun is only beginning. Wait until it's VERY dark, and everyone's eyes have adjusted to it. Make sure people are still awake, with their eyes open, and get yourself into a funny pose, complete with a strange face gesture. Then in less than a milli-second, flash the lights on and off. Your crazy image will be permanently ingrained on their retinas! It's scary for them, hilarious for you!


Blogger Kris said...

Sounds like fun! Also sounds like you need a partner in crime to do the flipping so that you can be adequately prepared with your crazy pose!

23 March, 2005 07:51

Blogger JCo said...

Jay - I find it humorous that your tip includes eyes!

23 March, 2005 07:57

Blogger Stephanie said...

"Face gestures," eh? I've heard of facial expressions, and gestures with, say, arms and legs, but this phenomenon is new to me! I suppose you could "gesture" with your face by cutting your eyes one direction or another.

I could use a round of this game right now to enliven my afternoon!

23 March, 2005 16:15

Blogger alison said...

This tip reminds me of one of my all time favorite slumber party games...wait until one or all of your friends is almost asleep, and then wake them up with a hysterical message about something gone wrong--but the crucial part of this game is that your message doesn't make sense. Ex: "Oh my goodness! The cat's in the dryer but my cookies aren't done yet and your mom called about your audition!" It is SO funny to watch your friends squint their eyes, wrinkle their forehead, and try to figure out what this message means and why they too should be just as hysterical about it!

23 March, 2005 19:03

Blogger Jay said...

OMG, hilarious party game, Alison! I would suspect you could do this at work too. Leave a message on someone's voicemail about something gone horribly awry that is basically nonsense. Oh, and so-called "face gestures" are called gestures because they're SO descriptive it actually functions as a gesture. According to Webster, "gesture" might be properly used here...

23 March, 2005 23:19

Blogger Jules said...

Ali - great sub-tip. I totally want to play that game.

24 March, 2005 14:00


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