Boredom Tip of the Day

With the help of my friends Ked and Emily from the Admissions Office at Asbury College, I discovered a GREAT game to play while on the road, bored, or just feeling silly. And lucky for you, there are multiple variants on the game. I call it, "The Hot-tub Game." It's simple. You ask your friends, "Who would you rather be in a hot-tub ALONE with for an HOUR with NO BUBBLES!" And then you proceed to give the the options of the most heinously awkward, hairy, or concerning people you all know. You may ask, "what's the deal with the bubbles?" Excellent question. By not having bubbles or jets turned on, there is nothing but awkward silence, and visible bikini lines. AWKWARD. As a variant, try additives like, "the hot tub is filled with mashed potatoes and the jets squirt gravy" or whatever else you can fathom. When choosing your hot-tub partner, be sure to consider not just appearances, but levels of awkwardity. First and foremost, the person's gotta be a great small-talker. If not, you'll just be looking at each other hoping for ANYONE to jump in with you. Don't always rule out people with pleated skirt bathing suits, either. Sometimes those pleats represent wisdom. They may have some good advice for you, and at least they'll be well-covered.


Stephanie said…
I'm afraid I'm still stuck on the "jets squirt gravy" comment. Ewwww, that is just vile.

You'll have to give some good examples of the "close ones" you guys came up with. Just so long as they're hypotheticals and not people we actually know. ;-) In thinking about it--one that makes me kind of laugh is Jack Nicholson.
Kris said…
Or Kathy Bates...what's that movie?

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