Tilt Tip of the Day

So you've all seen the Pepsi's with the yellow caps that promise a free iTunes song to a lucky one-out-of-three Pepsi drinking consumers. And well, of course some of us on staff here at Tip o Da Day, really like Coca-Cola, but like free iTunes songs even better. So we're very willing to switch loyalties for a couple months. As long as we can score a free MxPx song or something. Ok, 20oz Pepsi bottles are running at $1.19 universally right now. So that means if you could win a 99¢ song everytime you open the cap you're only paying 20¢ for 20oz of Pepsi (pretty much what it's actually worth). But that all depends on if you can win everytime. And surprisingly that's not as hard as it sounds. You can actually grab a Pepsi bottle at Cluckers or your convience store of choice. Hold the bottle up, tilt it on its side just enough so you have a fairly unobstructed view to the underside of the cap. You might have to wipe of some condensation, or twist the bottle to get a better view. If you see the word "please", "again" or 3 lines of text, you've just picked up "Plese Try Again" aka. a looser. Put if you see 4 lines of text, "Free" or a string of random letters and numbers your a winner!

Props to Kyle for being the first one, I know of, who figured out this trick.


Jay said…
Wow, Pete...thanks for the informative hyperlinks! And, the Pepsi tilt diagram was quite helpful, and I didn't realize 25 degrees was the proper viewing angle. For anyone who thinks this is unethical, keep in mind, people like Peter and I will NOT buy Pepsi unless we get a free song out of it. So, everyone's happy--the marketing guys at Apple think their promotion worked, the people at Pepsi are selling more Pepsi! We are living proof that good marketing sells more product!
Stephanie said…
Oh, thank goodness! I'm not in the dark anymore. I was brazen enough to do this at Wal-Mart the other day and I still lost. :-( I guess I need some practice. The checkout lady was like, "Excuse me, what are you doing!?"

Another tip. If you like living on the wild side, pay only $1.00 in the machine at The Blood-Horse, but leave the rest up to chance. ;-)

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