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Say for example you're still in high school. You don't want to be in class for any longer then you really need to be. I remember when I was back in high school however long they gave me for lunch was not enough. So, to get out of, say your fourth hour, class right before lunch. Cooperate with your teacher and let her get through the material quickly. You never know she might just let you go a couple minutes early and get a break on the rest of the lunch crowd.

The same also applies to those of us who get stuck in 11:00 meetings. Just agree with everyone's ideas and you'll be on your way to an early lunch!


Kris said…
Thanks Pete. As one such 4th hour high school teacher, I can honestly stay that quietness after finishing work (since there are 10 EXTRA minutes in class) is the best way to convince me to let them go early. However, begging and asking is the quickest way to get me to say no!
Rachel C. Clay said…
You know, I don't have too much sympathy for those of you with 11:00 meetings. In a perfect world we would all get 45 minute or hour lunches. However, in the world of middle school you get 20 minutes. And after you walk your students down to the cafeteria and pick them up, that becomes 15. Then if it takes 3-5 minutes to warm up your frozen meal you are now left without about 10 minutes to eat it. And unfortunately for my class, we aren't given a proper lunch class, so lunch cuts into classtime and the students are often late for lunch because we have to cover the same material as everyone else. I would love your 10 extra minutes Kris!
Enjoy your lunches today everyone, and think of me enjoying my 15 minutes of what middle school administraters call "lunch." :) (Please note that though this comment is completely true, it is all in good fun and I really do just accept my fate of 20 minute lunches)
Kris said…
The 10 extra minutes that we have in class came from a 10 minute break we use to have during the day, or so I'm told, which came from, they wanted to add 10 extra minutes to the instructional day. What do we do, we add it to 4th hour so that the class is longer (66 minutes instead of 56) than all of my other classes. So whatever I prepare for my other classes is never enough for this one.
I do have to say, having a full half hour for lunch is nice, but yes, Rach, I have no sympathy for those who have as long a lunch as they need, or for anyone who has lunch earlier than 12:45, or a break in the day before that.
I'll take your 15 minute lunch and raise you 2 plan periods any time! :)
Rachel C. Clay said…
Not giving up my planning periods! Sorry! :) Nice try though. I'll stick with my 15 minute lunch.

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