Birthday Tip of the Day

Wish Julie, our cutest contributor to the Tip O da Day site, a very Happy Birthday! Please take our advice. We'd hate to say what might happen if you don't.


Rachel C. Clay said…
Happy Birthday Jules!! Hope your day is absolutely brilliant!
Stephanie said…
(An obscure birthday song that I've excavated from deep in my childhood for you):

Happy, happy, happy birthday
Happy, happy, happy birthday
You look so neat and you are so sweet and today is your big day!
Happy Birthday!
Jay said…
YAY Julie! Happy Big 2-1! We had a blast celebrating with you last night! I hope today is even better--enjoy!
Kris said…
Happy Birthday Julie! You share a birthday with two of my kids. One made the comment...she's 10 years older than me! So, you've been wished a happy birthday from all my physics kids too.

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