Health Tip of the Day

Some say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." I say, "water that's drunk means don't get the funk!" On several occasions when I have felt sickness creeping in, I've drowned my sorrows with large quantities of water. When you notice the first symptom, begin drinking as much water as you can hold. I'm talking like a gallon or more in one day--and I know it seems a little absurd, but it seriously works better than anything else I've tried. You may say, "but won't I be in the bathroom all day?" In actuality, because your body is fighting disease, you'll use a lot of it, and be surprised at how little you'll have to piddle. If you feel like your symptoms are subsiding, spend at least one more day drinking lots of water. You'll probably be able to stay healthy through many of these annoying little bugs that are passed around. Who needs a flu shot anyway?


Kris said…
I'd have to agree. Water seems to heal all ails you. That's why it's recommended that we drink our 8 glasses a day. In addition to your water, you can try some supplimental vitamins too, E and C work best!
Like the rhymes, Jay.
Jules said…
You said "piddle."
Stephanie said…
Variations of the word "piddle" have been written twice over the course of 7 days on the tip o' da day site! I believe I sense a word addiction. ;-)

It seems that just about everyone surrounding me in my daily activities has been sick at least once over the past month except me, so I am living proof of the water tip working--I might as well move the water cooler from the break room into my office with the way I've been consuming the H20. ;-) It's that, or either it's the religious following of the antibacterial tip.
Pete said…
Don't forget the Zinc
LDB said…
I'll agree with the water thing. Most of the time it does work. Unfortunately, when you work with 24 little bodies in an enclosed space 7 hours a day, sometimes you just can't help but get the funk (which is why I'm home commenting and not at work).
Although, I could overhydrate THEM and then none of us would get sick (unless, of course, they aren't sick and then they go "piddle" all day long).
what to do...what to do....

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