Sweetea Tip of the Day

We all know that sweet tea from Chick-Fil-A is the best on the planet. Just be careful when consuming it in the car. Before placing your cup o' tea in the cup holder, do a quick sweep to make sure no pointed objects are in the cup holder, say for example, a pen or pencil. If so, you'll come to a stop-light, go to take a refreshing swig, and think at first, "hmm, this feels light--have I seriously drunk this much sweetea?" After you pull the cup up and feel it "piddling" on you, you'll realize, "OH SHIZZLE, we've sprung a leak." And trust me, it's not fun cleaning sweetea out of a cupholder. :-(


Pete said…
Jason you've had all sorts of problems with pens and styrofoam cups haven't you?
Jay said…
Actually, Pete, my last run-in was with a CREDIT CARD puncturing my cup of delicious blackberry lemonade from Ruby Tuesday's. Who does things like that anyway? ;-)
Anonymous said…
Jaspar, you're addicted to sweetea.
austin said…
Hey Jay!!! The next time i'm down in ky i'll have to try some of the sweettea!

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