Health Tip of the Day

Have you ever heard the saying that you usually feel worse before you get any better? Well, I think that is true. Even if you feel like you are getting a little sick and want to take care of it early, just don't. Avoid the doctor. Even if you know what you have and you've already tried Jay's tip of drinking water and that didn't help, just don't even try the doctor. Usually he'll prescribe medicine to get rid of whatever funk you have and you go on your merry way thinking you'll be 100% the next day but that is where you are mistaken.....

This is just the beginning of the battle of "the funk." It has a life of it's own and when it feels like it is being threatened by Antibiotics Man it will fight until finally overpowered. While that battle rages on, you're body is being used as the battle ground causing you to be of very little use.

Of course, if you let Funk Man do his funky dance in your body maybe he'll eventually get bored and hop on to another unsuspecting victim without a single battle being fought. Or maybe he likes water and enjoys swimming. In that case, drink lots of fluids and maybe he'll just swim himself out of your body (as I refer to Jay's tip again).
Just remember that Antibiotics man is there to fight off the horrible Funk invaders, but beware of the battle that will rage once they face off head to head.

by: Lalah DeSha

(Editor's note: No one on the Tip of the Day staff is a certified medical professional, heck we're not certified to be offering most of these tips but we do it anyway. Enjoy!)


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