Timezone Tip of the Day

When traveling, be sure to research what time zone you'll be going in and out of. In an iffy spot like Indianapolis, you could run the risk of either 1.) oversleeping and missing something important, or far worse, 2.) missing an hour of sleep! The other advice I'd offer is that in some cities, like Indianapolis, they may be Eastern Standard Time, but sometimes they spontaneously decide to NOT adopt Daylight Savings Time! So, sometimes they'll be an hour different, other times not. Whoever devised that system obviously never left their home city for fear of utter confusion. The final tidbit of advice on timezones is to be wary of what the hotel alarm clock reads. Don't take it for face value! Typically your cellphone will be accurate as you "time travel," so consult it first, but always verify local time with a hotel employee. I once had to be at an airport VERY early, but to make matters worse, my alarm clock was set to be an hour late, so I lost ANOTHER hour because of it! And I got to spend that fun hour in the airport!


JCo said…
I have actually traveled to Nashville for a hockey game, neglected the time zone change and wondered why people were not allowed into the rink about a half an hour before the game...because there was actually an hour and a half til the drop of the puck! At least I was early and this allowed for a nice walk around the Nashville area.
Kris said…
This information can be especially important if the thing you are trying to make on-time is a plane out of California from Nashville. In this case, you should also make sure that you do not follow someone's directions that are "Trying a new way", or anyone who says "I'm pretty sure this is how you go"

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