Chaperoning Tip of the Day

Hopefully one day you will have the opportunity to chaperone some type of trip with students. If you are so lucky, this trip will include middle school students and be overnight. If this is the case for you, one of the most important items you can bring is a roll of tape. Yes, tape. Did you know that tape is an overnight field trip miracle? You see, when tape is attached to the door and the wall next to it, and the door is opened, the tape cannot be reattached. Therefore, it insures that if a student escapes during the will find out about it! This is very important if you, the chaperone, want to sleep and not worry about where your students are in the middle of the night. So, next trip you go on, don't forget the tape!


Stephanie said…
That is SO cool. I wish I'd known about that when I chaperoned my sister's band trip to Paris a few years back!
Kris said…
I think that only works if you're staying in a different room, although, I'll keep it in mind for when the dance team gets bigger. As for now, I'll have to rely on my "mommy" instincts. Since we are all staying in a sweet together, well, me, another 2 chaperones, and 5 of the girls, I'll just have to trust that whenever there is movement, I'll get paranoid and shoot out of bed. Since owning a feline who's prone to mid-night troubles, I've discovered that I have this talent. Although, Rach, I must admit, yours sounds like a much more rest filled tactic.
Rachel C. Clay said…
Kris, I'm not sure what kind of suite you will be in, but if it is big enough to have multiple doors, you may find that it would be helpful to tape down the door furthest from you. Hopefully this will at least ease the paranoia enough to get a little more rest!
Anonymous said…
Some more chaperoning advice: if you're camping with high school pranksters who were boy scouts at any point, be sure to locate your cabin's water & electricity supply before they do. Also, bring your own watergun. Not one of those wimpy Big Lots squirt guns, but one so heavy it requires a holster. Always be on the lookout for large, open containers big enough stuff an unwitting counselor in - - this knowledge will serve you well later. And if three (count them, three) corn-fed football players attempt to throw you in a lake, you have two options: either squirm and flop until they lose their grip or hang on so tightly to them that they cannot help but get dunked along with you. - Teresa

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