Touring Tip of the Day

If you're ever "on tour," or just on the road for business, keep in mind you're operating on a "per diem" for food and lodging. Of course, this means you're not paying for your own food! If you were back home, you'd be paying at least for some of that food and if you're like many of us in my circle of friends, we dine out very frequently. So, you can either come back home with a large chunk of money that you saved (which would be SMART) or you could use that money to buy cool stuff in the places you're visiting! You can also rationalize larger purchases if, for example, you live alone. You could turn off your heat while you're gone and save a chunk of money on your heat bill! Don't forget gas--we all know that not driving for a week will save you plenty! So, all in all the per diem is worth far more than the amount you're allotted. It's sort of like double money!


Kris said…
Ah, the old traveling buisnessman trick. My dad does this often. Another trick to this one, eat cheap for breakfast and lunch, it's not that hard to do. Then, when dinner comes around, order the best steak from the best place!
Pete said…
Or, if you work for a company that doesn't have an actual 'per diem' per se, you have to work the system some other way. If your just sent to spending guidlines, and you don't get the money you save you can have fun with it in other ways. You could for example is have a $50 meal one night, and then eat fast food for the rest of your meals.

This is alot more fun then skimping for 4 straight days, but it only works if your company works like that.

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