Exfoliation Tip of the Day

Need an interesting way to exfoliate your hands and make them smooth as a baby's behind, while being extremely productive at the same time? Prepare a ham for baking. The salt, brown sugar, and other seasonings that you rub on the ham will create the "satin hands" effect. And whaddya know? You'll have a perfectly seasoned ham to put in the oven once you're done.


Anonymous said…
That gross to think of your dead skin on something that people eat :)!
Stephanie said…
Well, if you want to get really technical about it, you leave dead skin cells on just about everything you touch! :-) But really, you wash the spices and sugar off in the sink and that's when you notice your hands are smooth. :-) Besides, how many people remember your mom and grandmother preparing a ham in latex gloves? We know they're good for peppers...but ham? Dunno about that.

Who cares about a few cooked skin cells (besides that of the pig we now call dinner) when you could have found a finger in your chili? Ew.
vander said…
This begs the question, though...what am I going to do with all that ham?
Pete said…
Plus guys can't resist salt and brown sugar.
Rachel C. Clay said…
So, who's going to host the next dinner party with ham? :) I think we need to have a cook-out soon. This weather is so begging for it!

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