Fumes Tip of the Day

Many of you know I have been putting in long hours at the house recently and have felt the side effects in terms of tiredness. I will take this opportunity to apologize to everyone who has had to deal with me the last month. Well, this fatigue, lack of energy and muscle weakness have not subsided, even with 14 hours of sleep on Tuesday. I was getting quite concerned with this lingering problem, when Peter made a brilliant connection…paint fumes and me sleeping at my house. I moved in and painted three rooms (large ones at that) over the same weekend and have been inhaling the aroma ever since Saturday night. Well, I come to find out that side effects of inhalants are…fatigue, lack of energy and muscle weakness along with other things that I am lucky enough not to experience. So I do feel there is a connection here and my tip for all those out there is don’t hang out in a newly painted house and definitely don’t sleep there until well aired out. It will get to you – trust me!


Jay said…
I once had similar symptoms just from the horrible smell of the Trustee's Mens Dorm at Asbury! Unfortunately, I don't have a tip to avoiding the smell of guys' dorms. What IS that smell anyway? This confirms my theory that every guy needs a girl, if for no other reason than to neutralize his "guy smell."

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