Fashion Tip of the Day

If you are a tallish woman and you are forever looking for long-enough yoga/workout pants and/or you spend two minutes before each workout stretching your yoga pants down over your running shoes (so they will stay long enough for at least the hour that you're working out), have I got a tip for you! Cropped exercise pants are less expensive and give you basically the same look that you get when you're attempting full-length yoga pants--only somehow, it looks a lot more acceptable. I thought they might look and feel weird, but I actually felt less encumbered by them (nothing flapping about my ankles during my run), and they actually felt "cute!" (Typically my clothes feel functional and borderline frumpy at the gym.) I might be behind the workout fashion curve here, but in case there's someone else lagging behind with me, this has been the biggest find I've had in awhile. And you won't have to endure any more strange looks in the locker room as you go through your stretch-the-already-stretched-pants-longer routine.


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