Spying Tip of the Day

Thanks to our friends Sydney and Jack Bristow from Alias for this tip. If you ever decide to extract someone who poses a TREMENDOUS threat to national security for WHATEVER purpose, don't under any circumstance handcuff him or her to a nearby railing while you go kill people. Chances are, he'll figure a way out and you shouldn't assume he'll be right where you left him. Just a thought. It may end up being something you regret for a long while. So, good luck with that. Come to think of it, don't extract someone like this ANYWAY!


Rachel C. Clay said…
So, all you Alias fans, what story line do you think they will take for the, once again, FREE Sark. I have to say, despite how evil he is, his creativeness of getting out of every situation he finds himself in is quite attractive. :)
Pete said…
You would think they would learn their lesson after the first dozen times this happened.

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