Bed, Kitchen and Bath Stores Tip of the Day

If your mailbox is like mine its overflowing with Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. There's also that Linens 'n Things place that sells basically the same stuff, and they have lots of coupons too. The coupons have all sorts of stipulations, just start reading the 10 lines of fine print. But they are so desperate for your business that there is a lot of flexibility built in there too. The expiration dates? Ignore them! The company the coupon is actually for? They accept each others! The coupon is only good for one item? Save up your "expired" coupons and use one for every item in your basket!
-Thanks JCo & Renee


Jules said…
This is great to know. I became aware that you could use expired ones, but didn't realize you could use as many as you want in one trip.

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