Scuba Tip of the Day V

A cowboy proverb says: "As a horse knows not the height of a rider on his back, so a scuba diver knows not how big he is in scuba gear." The proverb is true, y'all. If you are already a big guy (who likes to insult girls who eat muffins), adding a large tank, fins, snorkels and other apparatus, you become REALLY big underwater. So when practicing in a confined pool area, don't be "all up in peoples' grills" like you own the place. It's just rude. And annoying.


Amanda said…
All people have personal space bubbles. Do not invade people's bubbles, especially if you are a stranger. This will help you avoid labels like "close talker" or "no personal space guy."

If you are man in a van with strangers, don't put your arm around the back of the seat. The guy sitting beside you might not appreciate it.

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