Zooming Tip of the Weekend

Now that you're watching all sorts of TV shows online, the quality is good, but its not quite big enough for you to plop in the most comfortable chair from across the room as your computer. Well Mac users, we've got the fix for that. If you have Mac OS X 10.4.8 and a mouse with a scroll wheel, just hold down the control key and scroll up. This lets you zoom into the screen. Try it now, ain't that pretty cool!

If you don't have a scroll wheel or the latest version of Mac OS X you can still zoom in! Just go to your System Preferences (under the Apple menu) and find "Universal Access" There will be an option called "Zoom" make sure that's on. Then you just have to press "Command Option =" to zoom in or "Command Option -" to zoom out!

You'll notice the zoom follows the mouse pointer around. So if you're zooming into your TV show, you'll have the mouse pointer stuck right in the middle. Just hit a button on the keyboard and it will disappear.


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