Guard Dog Tip O Da Day

How smart is your pet? Does he defend your home and on occasion take it to a ridiculous level? Why not test your pet...take him for a walk and return home pause at the front door and ring the doorbell. It is possible your dog will attempt to scare himself away by barking profusely!

Good boy!


Jay said…
Ah yes, one of my favorite past-times. To ring the doorbell, or knock on the door with your dog watching you, and yet they will still freak out! Brings a smile to my face each time!
JCo said…
It is even more entertaining when a doorbell rings on the TV and your dog goes crazy...ha ha ha...I am so laughing at the thought of it! I must be soooooo easily amused.

Jay, Pete and I were thinking Cheddar and Pablo could watch 101 Dalmations - that might be really funny!
Anonymous said…
jay - you know Petey . . . he barks at everything including doorbells, cell phones, and high-pitched voices on the TV. He also barks at the vet when she LEAVES the room - go figure! Are you torturing Cheddar again?
Jay said…
Aunt Tess! Thanks for your comment! Yes, I do sometimes torture Cheddar--but he loves it! I can totally picture Petey barking when the vet leaves--"I guess I told HER!" JCo--if you do watch 101 Dalmations, Cheddar will probably be very very scared. :-)

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