Commercial Tip of the Day

Missed the game yesterday? Well catch the important parts. CBS has all the commercials posted on their website. Warning, their not that funny. Bet let us know in the comments which ones you like the best and hate the most.


Jay said…
Sprint Broadband "Connectile Dysfunction," Comb Over Beard, and Emerald Nuts with Robert Goulet were among my faves. Oh, and the K-Fed one as well. But you're right--they were a lot duller this year. :-(
Amanda said…
I concur with Jason on many of his choices. I also liked the sad GM robot; glad he didn't really die.

But I was also very disappointed in the commercials. Being a person who doesn't like to watch sports, this is extremely disheartening because, well, let's face it...that's the only part of the show I watch.

Also, I decommend the commercials that were overly crass and perverted. Examples: every go Daddy commercial and some Doritos and Snickers ones.
Anonymous said…
Looks like K-Fed is going over to wrestling. You can watch him get slammed by Cena.
Jay said…
And I'll have you know, I pioneered the First Initial, First Syllable of Last name tradition (A-Ger, K-ris, J-Parm, E-Craft) Oh wait. Maybe the person who came up with J-Lo was the first. But I was the second.
Kris said…
Technically, K-ris doesn't fit the pattern, but that's cool. Makes it a Parmer original! Or, I could just be K-Mix.
Stephanie said…
I think my favorite was the HHR commercial, "It's getting hot in here" (song). It could've been crass if it wasn't for the sheer hilarity of it all. ("Tell me when it's over!"--Girl with eyes covered).

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