Scuba Tip of the Day I

When scuba diving, you'll encounter many an odd-fellow who will awkwardly chide on about how he took an overweight girl on a first date, told her she wasn't allowed to order herself a muffin and only share his because it was $4, then proceed to tell her she needs to go on SlimFast. In such an event, you should keenly follow rule #2 in scuba diving: always dive with a buddy. Why dive with a buddy? According to the PADI diving manual, it promotes safety and fun, but according to me and A-Ger, it also promotes a great way to ward off joke-cracking jackers who will try to steal your mask and fins and invade your personal space. If you're diving using the buddy system (which you may have thought expired after Kindergarten) you'll know to punch people like this in the face at the sign of impending attack.


Amanda said…
You'd think that Jay might be exaggerating here, but I'm afraid he isn't. The buddy system proves helpful in many respects...don't leave home without one!
Amanda said…
For those of you wondering...the #1 rule in scuba diving is never hold your breath (I think I got that wrong on a quiz - oops!)

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