Scuba List of the Day IV

It is very important to have a good buddy when you are scuba diving!!! What do good buddies look like? First, they remember the numerous acronyms like BWRAF and SORTD. Second, they can read and understand the complicated dive tables. Third, they remember the hand signals. Fourth, they don't try to pull off your mask or fins and protect you from those who will try such shenanigans. Fifth, they have a good understand of personal space. This keeps them from invading your space and from destroying marine life.


Unknown said…
Scuba is an acronym in itself. "Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus".
Jay said…
Here's what buddies look like. Sing it with me! My Buddy, My Buddy--wherever he goes, I'm gonna go!!! Or maybe like this---this is the best photo on the web!!!!
Unknown said…
Eek Jason the first one reminds of Child's Play.
Pete said…
Jay this is a family site, although that is a pretty good picture

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