Scuba List of the Day III

It's important in scuba to know a little sign language, obviously, because you can't talk. And they do make underwater tablets that work in water, but if you're with Amanda, she's probably filling it up with quotes for her quote board! So, you should probably learn the following things to sign prior to scuba diving:
  • I'm out of air
  • I really, really have to pee.
  • Can I pee in my wet suit?
  • Is there a bathroom underwater?
  • Some jacker just took off my face mask; I can't see; and I just realized I'll have no way of watching you respond
  • A shark just ate my fin
  • The fact that the shark just ate my fin is actually the least of my/our worries.
  • Do I look fat in my non-black wetsuit?
Also important to note: in scuba diving, the "thumbs up" signal does NOT mean "cool!" "awesome!" or even "all's well!" It actually means "ABORT THE DIVE AND SWIM AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO THE SURFACE!" So, be careful not to get too excited underwater.


Amanda said…
You know that game you can play underwater where you say a word or sing a song and try to get people to guess what it is? Yeah, well, it doesn't work. Sign language is really important.
Jules said…
this post is really really funny. that's all i have to say.

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