VCR Tip of the Day

Never use your VCR again!

TV stations has finally found a good way to embrace the internet. Most every major network lets you watch full episodes of their most popular shows online. Missed 24 or Prison Break, watch it at Fox's MySpace page. Want to watch Heros, check out NBC Rewind. A CSI or Survivor addict? CBS calls theirs Innertube. And we can't over look the original ABC who started doing this last year. They have Lost, Grey's Anatomy and six others. Count them all together and there are 39 shows with full episodes available free online!

You will be subject to at least some commercials. But the other night I watched 24, and only saw 1 minute of commercials total, sure beats the 20 minutes you usually get in an hour of TV programing.


Kris said…
For a second there, I had hope...ABC won't let me do this because they only allow it in the states. So, I tried NBC and my hope of watching Heros was squashed...they won't let me do it either.
Our programming in the spring is what yours was in the fall, so we're always half a season behind. Since I started watching over there, I'm re-watching over here, and I'd like to be moving on, but those websites just won't let me! Someone needs to e-mail them and let them know that they're being mean to their Armed forces...what if guys serving in Iraq would like to keep up with their favorite shows while their gone? They so need to fix that!
JCo said…
Ah, K-Ris that stinks. The rest of the world is behind on TV - I didn't realize.
CGrim said…
oh, those wacky Germans and their Schnappi
JCo said…
So is Schappi the German's version of Barney??

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