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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Marriagability Tip of the Day

If you do get her to agree to a first date, don't ask her "how do you like to be kissed?" Wew, altra (different from ultra) creepy alert just went off. Don't be worrying about kissing her this early on. Worry about getting to know her, making a good first impression, and finding out if she is a quality girl.

The only thing that could possible make this worse is if she hasn't even met you in person yet. Ugh, gross.


Blogger Kris said...

I couldn't agree more. Most girls are worried that the guy might try to kiss them on the first date. It's simply too much pressure when you're still trying to figure out how attracted you are to him in the first place!

12 October, 2005 11:40

Blogger Lalah DeSha said...

Amen sister! PDAs too early on can confuse a girl...then you have a connection there even though you don't have attraction.

12 October, 2005 13:49

Blogger Stephanie said...

GREAT tip, Pete! I hold this one very close to my heart and will resist the strong urge to forward today's tip link to said nosy offender. ;-)

12 October, 2005 16:40

Blogger Jules said...

Steph - Can I forward it to him then?? He needs to know that he's... GROSS!

13 October, 2005 10:41

Blogger Stephanie said...

Heheh! Nah, that would be mean. I've already told him that it made me uncomfortable. I hope that got the point across!

13 October, 2005 14:31

Blogger Pete said...

Mini Tip of the Day: Have you ever noticed that little icon, that is an envelope with an arrow? Well no one really has, but it is the "Email to Friend" button, should the need arise.

13 October, 2005 14:54

Anonymous Andy said...

The only answer I ever get to "How do you like to be kissed?" is a breathless "The way you kiss me!"

;) hahaha

13 October, 2005 15:40


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