Sick Tip of the Day

So often when we feel ourselves getting sick, we pump ourselves full of vitamin C, Advil, and everything else that will make us feel just a little better. We go to bed somewhat early, hope we'll get a good night sleep, and ultimately go to work just a little sicker the next day. My tip? Take the day off from work. You'll be on the road to recovery much faster. It's better to take one day off and being more productive at work, than to go to work two or three days sick, and have half or less of the productivity than you would normally have.


Anonymous said…
Gatorade is my cure-all.

I kid you not.
Jay said…
OK, can any of my designer friends give me a "what, what" here? The second link to "day off" has the WORST clipping path IMAGINABLE! I mean, COME ON PEOPLE! You should not be designing ANYTHING if that's the best you can do!
Anonymous said…
No kidding.

I swear by the Background Eraser nowadays anyway.
Jay said…
I don't think I've EVER used background eraser! Does it work well?
Jay said…
OMG. I just tried it. It's amazing! How have I never used this before! That's SO much better than any clipping path I've ever done, and it took all of 3 minutes. WHOA!
CGrim said…
Yeah I love that tool - especially for complicated outlines like trees, grass, hair, etc. It's nice.
vander said…
I agree, the "day off" is awful. But I don't think it's a clipping path; I think it was done with a solid brush (by someone who does NOT have a steady hand).

Erasers are lovely, but if one, let's say, has to clip cars and furniture out of backgrounds that are all muddy and have shadows the same color as the object, good ol' bezier is still the tool to use. I heart the pen tool.
Pete said…
Ya, the background eraser works very well on hair.

But I agree with VM, I think that was a polygon lasso tool job.

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