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Monday, February 20, 2006

Torino Tip of the Day I

If you're ever in Torino, Italy you'll find this tip quite helpful. In Italy, a "Tabbacheria" or "Tobacco Store" sells way more than cancer-causing agents. In fact, they sell everything from prepaid cellphone cards to loose women, to drinks and even pastries. So, if you're looking for a miscellaneous and sundried item, look no further than your local tobacco store, conveniently marked with a large letter "T."


Blogger Stephanie said...

OK, I have to ask. Are the "loose women" on display in the store or outside the store? I could believe the latter in a place like Vegas, but if you're suggesting this merchandise is available IN the store, then that's just bizarre!

20 February, 2006 09:04

Blogger Pete said...

"loose women" you mean, like they just completed some calisthenics?

20 February, 2006 09:10

Blogger Jay said...

Yes, I was referring to women who had just appropriately stretched before running a 5 or 10K.

20 February, 2006 10:26

Blogger Lalah DeSha said...

So, how do you know about the loose women in a tobacco store??? Huh huh???

20 February, 2006 11:12

Anonymous Andy said...

how did the pricing for the loose women compare to the going rate in the U.S.?

20 February, 2006 11:20

Blogger vander said...

I'm going to venture out on a limb here and say that the cost of human dignity is actually the same in all countries, even if people buy and sell themselves for different prices in different places.

So, in the U.S., the cost might be more like, "How much to make my own rap video?" or "I hope my kids never find out," whatever that works out to in dollars. I don't have a squander-personhood-and-deny-value-as-human-being button on my calculator. (Cheap calculator.)

20 February, 2006 12:06

Blogger Kris said...

Given the link, I can only hope that the term "loose women" refers to women who've been stretching before a 5K or 10K!

20 February, 2006 17:31

Anonymous kk said...

I can't believe that Kris is a loose woman!

21 February, 2006 14:09


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