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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Floored Tip of the Day

Sometimes the most natural place to set your beverage or food item at a party is on the floor. You'll think to yourself, "I'll remember it's there, I won't kick it over," which may be true, however, keep in mind that at a party, there are several (hopefully) other people there who did not see you set down your soda, milk, or stew, that did not think "I'll remember it's there, I won't kick it over, or sit in it, or mash it into a blanket." The result? You have about a quarter of your slop remaining because your eyes are definitely bigger than your stomach, and who wants to get up for seconds in the middle of a movie? Then, an unsuspecting party-goer flops down a husband-pillow or blanket RIGHT into stew, panics, thinks it's vomit, and ends up doing laundry! So, just set your stuff on the nearest coffee table, end table, or the like. You'll be spill-free and not wearing any of your food or beverage. But also, look out for people who have NOT read this tip! Just because you haven't left food or drink on the floor doesn't mean others haven't also!


Blogger Jay said...

Just wanted to add that I'm not trying to single anyone out who may have left something on the floor at our party. I think it's pretty funny actually, and it made for a great tip! So, you can feel free to remain anonymous! No hard feelings--in fact, I love you man!

13 March, 2005 00:32

Blogger Stephanie said...

Another comment made in love--I think you guys need some end tables. Having something nearby with coasters on it would minimize these emergencies. ;-)

13 March, 2005 12:39

Blogger Jay said...

Steph, you're exactly right! Let's make a trip to IKEA tomorrow! Yay!

13 March, 2005 13:32

Blogger Pete said...

Your exactly right Steph! We had talked about getting one but haven't gotten to that point yet. But no one is allowed to go to IKEA with out me. I've been needing to pick up a dresser from there for the past 9 months.

13 March, 2005 22:27

Blogger JCo said...

Roadtrip to PA! YEAH!

14 March, 2005 09:00

Blogger Stephanie said...

I had never heard of IKEA before meeting you guys! I'm in for the road trip, too!

15 March, 2005 08:49


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