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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Washing Tip of the Day

This tip is important, especially for those of us who's gender prohibits us from wearing a purse. It seem like everyone these days is caring around more gadgets and other accessories. Unfortantly, the clothes that we carry them in need to be washed. When it comes time for this dreaded chore, be sure to check all your pockets first. The second to last thing you would want to happen is to leave gum in your pocket. Realizing it after the wash is over, and being very thankful that is looks like none of it got stuck to any clothing. Only to then realize when you're trying to put on your new jacket that your arm is stuck on an inpentatrable shield that once was half a stick of gum. Thank goodness for Goo Gone, the stuff actually works! At least it wasn't a gum pack shaped iPod.


Blogger Kris said...

Thanks a lot Pete! Now not only do I need to worry about losing my shuffle (which I did for about a half hour yesterday), but I need to worry about washing it!?! Oh, the undue stress of it all!

29 March, 2005 08:09

Blogger Stephanie said...

Mom used to claim anything that she'd find in our pockets (e.g., allowance or money from grandma) come laundry day when we were kids and also told us our jean zippers would damage the other clothes. So I am nearly OC about cleaning out my pockets and zipping and buttoning pants before washing them. :-) But I still slip up--the worst thing I've washed is Chap Stick. Ewww.

On the gender/purse subject, I thought I would share this lovely "man-purse" I saw online a few weeks ago.

29 March, 2005 08:51

Blogger Jay said...

Does anyone have a solution for keeping DEODORANT off of your shirt? Any day that I wear deodorant and just a tee, I seem to end up with it somewhere. I've tried "deodoranting" before and after putting the shirt on, but it just doesn't seem to work either way!

29 March, 2005 12:25

Blogger Rnutt said...

Jay--I'm just glad you now realize it is deoderant and are aware that something needs to be done. ;) I have always found that a wet washcloth takes it right off, so as long as you check before you leave the house you should be good.

Pete--what is up? I have never met guys who comment so much on not being able to carry a purse! I do believe that it has been mentioned that those one kind of bags (specific name gone from mind) were okay to carry, but yet I have not seen you carry yours. Also, girls also put gum in their pockets so this is a good tip for us. Sorry to hear about that jacket!

29 March, 2005 14:48

Blogger Kris said...

Have you tried the clear stuff? I also find that after works better than before.

29 March, 2005 19:19

Blogger Stephanie said...

Someone once told me that using the wet washcloth would set the stain (this is more a concern if you're talking about a dry-clean only-dress fabric, though). I was told to take the underside of the fabric and rub it over the deodorant "mistake" briskly until it disappeared. It seems to work pretty well.

29 March, 2005 22:19

Blogger Pete said...

Rnutt- I have started caring a small briefcase kinda shoulderbag thing to work. It's been great!

Also, the jacket's fine. The Goo Gone got all of the gum out!!

30 March, 2005 08:51

Blogger Rnutt said...

Pete--so glad the shoulderbag is working out for you! Awesome!

Hurray for Goo Gone!

30 March, 2005 14:15


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