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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

GoodyTwoShoes Tip of the Day

When I was in school, and also in life in general, I tend to be a GoodyTwoShoes. I ran this word together because Pete only allows ONE word before "Tip of the Day." Anyway, I think it paid off for me, because my brother definitely is not that, and it got him in a little trouble. (Which was well-deserved.) The tip is this. If you're on a mission trip and asked to memorize verses, or read a book, DO IT. Otherwise, you may be on your youth pastor's "hit list." This is NOT a good list to be on, especially in a third-world country with poor sewer service. Someone is guaranteed to put toilet paper in the toilet, and when it comes time to unclog it, if you're on the hit list, you probably will be the one to do it. So, being a good kid and doing what you're asked may not always be fun or convenient, but you'll have your laugh when you're NOT the one fishing toilet paper out of a clogged toilet.


Blogger Kris said...

I think that little goody two shoes doll is the scariest picture we've had yet!

14 September, 2005 08:27

Blogger Pete said...

Now, I will clear the air and say that the one word before "Tip of the Day" rule has been laxed since this tip was originally written as evedenced by:

the House Selling Tip of the Day and the Work Sweater Tip of the Day.

14 September, 2005 08:56

Blogger James said...

Some people make a living cleaning up others people's crap. No need being a goody two shoes and doubling the crap! It already stinks, right?

14 September, 2005 09:22

Blogger Pete said...

Such as The Poopsmith

14 September, 2005 11:04

Blogger Kris said...

Pete, you just topped the doll. Thanks for that!

14 September, 2005 11:30

Blogger Jay said...

PERSONALLY, I think the "hit me" link was a little scarier. :-)

14 September, 2005 15:39

Blogger Pete said...

Jay, you have such a heart…

…for Brittany

15 September, 2005 09:29


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