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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Door-to-Door Tip of the Day

There are somethings, that you should, never ever accept from someone going door to door, especially this guy:


Blogger Jay said...

This is HANDS DOWN the most disturbing thing ever. But what's MOST disturbing is that there are women stupid enough to let a man do that to them as a "door to door gyno." I knew there were men that stupid, but women? And look at the guy. I mean, even if you went to the DOCTOR'S OFFICE would you let that guy do anything?

11 May, 2006 09:21

Blogger JCo said...

So do you think this guy even bothered to put a white coat on so he at least slightly maybe had a look of a doctor?

11 May, 2006 09:26

Blogger Jules said...

oh yeah, this is soooo disturbing! and i just want to cry for all those stupid, stupid women. what could they have possibly been thinking?

11 May, 2006 09:33

Blogger Pete said...

I guess they were all out of white coats, cause he did go to the effort of bringing a black bag. It looks like his undoing was forgetting to pick up some gloves, its scary that is was that that made him subspicious enough for the second stupid person in question.

11 May, 2006 10:05

Blogger Andy said...

On the other hand, he totally paved the way for my "Door-to-Door Acupuncturist" plan...

11 May, 2006 11:30


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