Stalker List of the Day

Lots of females have probably been asked out by guys who are just "holistically weird". There is nothing that makes them even remotely unweird--many of these guys propably fit into some of the catagories described by yesterday's tip. Our research also shows that such guys also are slow to "take the hint" when you're trying to tactfully turn them down. Ladies, men who are "holistically weird" need to be "told". Be straight with them, or they truly will not get it. And, as Renee pointed out, you'll receive a call from them every half hour, on the half hour, to see if your plans have changed. So, here are a few poignant, yet direct ways to ward off "holistically weird" stalkers. Start by saying these phrases (and please add to our list):
  • "Even if you were the last man on earth..."
  • "It would be a cold day in hell before..."
  • "Hail no."
  • Anything that will not leave him saying, "so you're saying there's a chance?"


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