Grocery Tip O Da Day

It totally pays to be observant of your receipt at Kroger, literally! If an item scans wrong, for instance it is on sale but doesn't ring up with the correct price, you can take your receipt to Customer Service and get reimbursed for that item. I recently got a free container of peppercorn feta cheese because of an incorrect scan. Who knew!


Kris said…
In addition, you can also take back your reciept if you've forgotten your Kroger plus card and get your refund for that.
Kris said…
Unless, of course, you've changed addresses and phone numbers so much since getting your Kroger plus card that you can't remember what phone number they have listed for you ;)
JCo said…
Yep...the phone number thing has tripped me up before. People who can remember old addresses, apartment numbers and phone numbers amaze me. It is certainly not one of my talents.

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