Airport List of the Day

We have all heard stories about hang ups at the security line at airports. Here is a list of things you should not have on your person particularly if you are in a rush to get through security:
  1. Lighter (it will be confiscated)
  2. Finger nail clippers (although I believe you might actually be able to carry these now)
  3. Pocket knife (you can always mail it to yourself as a way of keeping the knife and not giving it up at the security counter)
  4. Metal coffee mug (liquid is not placed through the x-ray machine so you must find other means to carry your beverage)


Jay said…
Hmm, that's interesting about the coffee mug! Have you guys noticed that at the Louisville Apt., there is a big bin proudly displayed that says, "items to be destroyed by the sheriff's office."? It's as if to say, "we WILL put your nail clippers in there."
Jules said…
Hmm, I just spent two weekends in a row shuffling through airports and security lines, all the while with my metal Starbucks coffee mug in tow. It never had a problem... what's up with that? It never occurred to me that it should be setting off the detector when I carry it through. Very interesting.
JCo said…
So you just walked through the metal detector with your coffee? Wow, I bet Renee (the source of that tip) will get a kick out of that. She had to frantically run around and try to find a styrofoam cup to put her coffee in so she would still have her morning caffeine.
Jules said…
maybe my $20 Starbucks mug (thanks Matt, courtesy the Great Christmas Gift Exchange of 2004), is faux metal. maybe it's actually plastic and it's been spray painted silver and I'm just a big idiot.
CGrim said…
There's only one logical conclusion: Those aren't metal detectors!

*cue dramatic music, as the plot thickens!*
Anonymous said…
lol, I usually wear flip flops when i go thru those, only half of the times they have made me take them off and if you have to take them off it is so much quicker then real shoes.

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