Garage Tip of the Day

In the event that you live in a shoddily-made Ball Homes house, you likely will have to deal with this problem at some point, and it's helpful to know how to address it. Your poorly crafted home, made of pretzels, just might have some issues with the garage door sensor (you know, the laser eye that makes sure your kitty doesn't get squished underneath the garage door.) You see, Ball Homes, in an attempt to save money, doesn't try to protect the cables running to these laser sensors, making it easy for a routine trash can removal to somehow knock the cable out of the sensor. In most scenarios, this would mean your garage door could never go down, because, after all, your garage door thinks it'd be squishing a kitty. But, I discovered that if you press and hold your garage door button until the door is entirely down, it will still shut. Basically, your garage door opener gives you the ability to say, "yes, I see that kitty, and yes I will squish him." So, for a quick fix, this will do for a few days until your chain-smoking landlady can finally get your request.


Pete said…

Maybe she can fix the lock on the screen door while shes at it.

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