Apples Tip of the Day

Looking for a fun party game to "get this party started?" Well, simply pick up your copy of the board game "Apples to Apples" and make a few modifications. First, count how many people are playing. Let's say there are 10. Give each player 10 GREEN cards (the number of cards is equal to the number of players). Each card has an adjective on it. Next, inform the players that they have to assign one card to each player, and themselves. So in the end, each player will be given 10 cards that the other players have used to describe them. Bear in mind folks, that many of these adjectives are negative, so there may be hurt feelings. Nonetheless, it will result in hours of laughter.


Amanda said…
Make the handouts anonymously or else your fiancee might get jealous that you called a married man "hot."
Amanda said…
Oh, and Blair's new nickname is Fuzzy or "The Fuzz."

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