500th Tip of the Day

That's right folks. This here tip is our 500th tip ever. Through these 500 tips, we've learned what a tip really is. So have a look at several that we have found through the years:

The tip of a marker

A finger tip

On the tip of my tongue

"A good tipper after a good dinner" or "queer as a two dollar bill"

Tipping stuff over. (Happens alot around here)

Q-Tip aka Swisspers (disclaimer: This picture was simulated. Never stick anything smaller than your finger in your ear)

Tripp, er, ok I guess not

Tipper "But I hardly know her" Gore

Highlighted Tips

Um, no comment

Tip of the iceberg

Audi Tiptronic Gear Shift

Tip off

Wing Tip Shoes

Tip Toes

Cow Tipping

Tipped Off

Then finally, the type of tip we're most used to around here:


ager said…
Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading and participating in these 500 tips. Job well done!

I also must concur that you should never stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Earlier this year, I used a cheap q-tip and to my dismay part of it didn’t come back out (should have paid the piper). I thought it might have fallen on the floor or something so I just ignored it. I did notice that my hearing was a little off and it felt really weird when I got water in my ear (like the filling of a sponge). So after a few days, I had my dad, the ER doctor, get out his handy dandy medical bag and check it out. It wouldn’t come out at first. Finally, I ended up laying on a bed with mom holding a huge flashlight over my ear and dad pulling it out with a long tweezer-like apparatus. Fun times!
Kris said…
Yes, good job all, and thank you Pete and Jay for being here for 500 tips! Your hard work has brought many laughs to many people!
Jules said…
congrats. i remember when we hit 100 and thought that was a lot. what happened to celebrations for 200, 300, and 400? they got so jipped.

can we have cake?
Jay said…
I never thought we'd make it this far! I remember thinking after 4 or 5 tips that it'd be impossible to come up with a year's worth--or more--or a lifetime's worth! But, this is a huge milestone. We need some keggers.
Kris said…
We should have a Memorial Day/500 Tip Cake this weekend! ;)
Pete said…
My thoughts exactly Kris and Julie. It would be awesome if someone made a cake! ;-) hint hint
Anonymous said…
Haha, that's great!

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