Poker Tip of the Day: Part I

Read up on Texas Holdem

If you want be a good poker player then you better know the rules. That pretty much applies to any game. You should be familiar with the card rankings so you'll be able to determine how strong your hand is and what the chances are of someone having something better than you. Look for books or go to the Internet to find clever strategy tips.


Jay said…
I love the "no P in our OOL." Classic.
CGrim said…
I like the classy Leaf-Hat, that the guy/girl is wearing in that last link.
Jules said…
hahaha... who linked "internet" to Al Gore? so funny.
Pete said…
That would be me. And not just any picture of Al Gore, a darn scary one. I wish I could find it bigger, cause Thor's magazine cover gave me nightmares for 3 days.

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