Timemachine List of the Day

Everyone knows you can be cool by using non-American English words, like Loo, Cheereo, Roundabout and Tea. But during list week we're pulling out all the stops and giving you cool American English words and phrases that haven't been used since the 30's!
  • Ackamarackus: Nonsense
  • Clip joint: A bar that charges outrageously high prices (I suggest using this term for gas stations)
  • Ripple: Ice cream with a colorful syrup stirred in, making it look rippled
  • Trafficator: What some 1930s cars used instead of blinkers--"arms" on either side of the car that could be raised to indicate the car was about to turn. Much more fun than yelling "nice blinker!" to inconsiderate drivers.
  • Gruntled: Happy. Get it? Take the dis- off disgruntled.
  • Sperette: A smaller supermarket, completely unlike Wal-Mart, more like Speedway.
  • Glamour boy: Like a pretty boy, but more masculine. I guess like a metrosexual.
  • Gaff: A building or house
  • Pen-friend: What "friends" on MySpace used to be called before we called them pen-pals.
  • Infanticipate: Preganant or expecting; anticipating an infant.
  • Shy-making: Embarrassing
  • Balls-up: Messed up, ruined, confused or disordered
  • Gravel: Sugar
  • Candy Leg: A rich and popular young man
  • Melon: A financial windfall
  • Barnburner: A riotous party
Thanks Uncle John


Jay said…
I will promptly begin using "gruntled" every day to describe my mood.
CGrim said…
Tomorrow, take your time machine to the future, and see what funny things they say there, so we can poke fun at their foibles, as well!

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