Dogfight Tip of the Day

Or, things learned from watching Pablo. If you're a small dog, there are some important things you can do to gain the upper hand in a fight with a bigger dog. Pablo taught me that jumping up on your hind legs and wrapping your arms around the attacker's neck and biting his eyes, lips and snout will often enable him to dominate and pull down his larger prey. Nevermind the fact that it typically results in one of them getting their peepee sniffed.


CGrim said…
"If you're a small dog..."

Out of curiosity, is there anyone reading this who is a small dog?
Anonymous said…
Jay said…
Allegorically speaking, we can all sometimes feel like we're small dogs. So basically if you ever feel like that, attack your larger problem in the eyes, ears and face. :-)
Amanda said…
As my dad told, "if you are going to fight, you fight to win." Pablo has learned this lesson.

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