Puppy Tip of the Day

This tip is similar to our pet naming tip of yesteryear, but with a small modification. We've already stated that we like naming pets human names, such as "George" or "Barry" or "Ann" or "Mary." But, what's even more fun is giving your new baby puppy a MIDDLE name to make him even more ridiculously cute. If you have a puppy named "Cheddar," it can be a fun proposition to call him something like "Cheddar Michael" or "Cheddar Jack" or "Cheddar Marshall Montgomery." Anyone have any suggestions for middle names?


CGrim said…
I'm pretty sure this is the coolest name site I've ever seen:


You can type names in at the top, and it will show how common the name was at different times over the past century.
CGrim said…
suggested middle names:

CGrim said…
haha, okay, here's my one and only serious suggestion:

Cheddar Cohen
Jay said…
These are GREAT! Any of them will do. I really like Cheddar Theodore, but, that's my dad's first name. Weird name; he goes by Ted. :-)
Kris said…
You could always call him "Cheddar Bear", as in Teddy Bear...
Jules said…
andy, we've already had a dog named Cohen in our circle. albeit only for a week, but he lives on in our hearts. maybe Cheddar Seth instead?

jay it might be a nice tribute to your dad to give your first "son" his name. i can't believe andy put that on the list and that's actually your dad's name.

i'm still stuck on Cheddar Michael. it just flows.

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