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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bacon Tip of the Day

Bacon is mighty tasty, but you should be careful when you cook it. It turns out dodgy bacon killed some senior citizens. We're not 100% sure what classifies bacon as "dodgy", we are also not sure exactly sure what gastroenteritis is. But, any word that starts with "gas" can't be too good, and with a word that long it must have been painful.

So remember boys and girls, to bac1 your bacon fully or you could be letting bac2 live!

1 bāk
2 bak


Blogger Jay said...

I (heart) the word dodgy.

20 September, 2005 12:24

Blogger Jay said...

Especially when used in conjunction with "stodgy" which could refer to the old people mentioned in the article.

20 September, 2005 12:25

Blogger vander said...

tAin't nothing worse than stodgy dodgy bacon.

20 September, 2005 12:51

Blogger Pete said...

I don't need adjectives. I (heart) bacon.

20 September, 2005 13:43

Blogger Heather said...

I strongly agree with Pete about cooking the bacon. In middle school my friend Suzie told me she ate raw bacon all the time and it wasn't bad for you. She was really short so maybe the bacon attributed to her height deficiency. We should look up the definition for "gastroenteritis" and see if that's a symptom.:)

20 September, 2005 15:32

Anonymous Andy said...

Raw bacon??

Just thinking about what that would feel like sliding coldly down my throat gives me shivers down my spine...

20 September, 2005 17:02

Blogger Jay said...


20 September, 2005 17:44


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